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User Experience

We manage the reward-process between you and your customers.

We verify that your customers have really shared your brand with their friends and make sure that they get the promised reward for it.

A ‘Pay with a Tweet’- campaign is easily implemented on your website and the user experience is quick, simple and safe!

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We manage the reward-process between you and your customers.

  • AYR Reference Case
    AYR created a 20%-coupon campaign with ‘Pay with a Tweet’ as part of their spring collection promotion. After posting, the customer received a coupon code that could instantly be redeemed in the online shop!
  • The Avenue Reference Case
    The online shop “The Avenue” created a campaign within their checkout process. Through the ‘Pay with a Tweet’ API customers received their discount instantly after posting about their shopping-experience.
  • Starbucks Reference Case
    Starbucks implemented a ‘Pay with a Tweet’- campaign in order to push brand awareness. Users were able to download a branded calendar after sharing their affection towards Starbucks.

Today, we have over 40,000 campaigns worldwide, which resulted in more than 8,000,000 shares so far.

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Your Content

Your customers get access to discount-codes, e-books, music and much more!
As long as you can link to it, your customers can post talk about it!

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“Classic Online-Marketing is dead! Referral-Marketing is the new and innovative way of attracting new customers to your brand. If you currently have a customer acquisition cost of 10$, save half of it and invest the remaining value in your customers to become brand ambassadors. Online word of mouth is more efficient than classic online ads and will therefore result in a higher ROI.”
— Aaron Keilhau, CEO at ‘Pay with a Tweet’

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