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What we do

With Pay with a Tweet you give people access to your Content or Product once they tweet or post about it.
It is the easiest and fastest way to go viral!

  • Audio

    Want to make your song or audio podcast viral? Just place your mp3, wav or whatever behind our barrier.

  • Video

    Spread your latest GoPro clip, music video or commercial. With Pay with a Tweet, file type or size doesn't matter, we just need the link to your content.
  • Coupons

    You want to promote a coupon or reward program? Add your coupons as pdf for print, place an online coupon as QR code on a website or simply link to GIF with the code. Just do as you like!
  • Documents

    It is possible to share all kinds of documents. Anything from pdf, doc, xls and txt to .psd, .eps. or .zip. Share your eBook, whitepaper or manual now!
  • Links

    If you want to share a link or direct to a website, you just have to paste your link and we do the rest.

  • More

    There might be other cases, which don't match our examples. If you are not sure, if our service is the right choice for you, just contact us.

How it works

Don’t just give away your content for free, give it away for a social post! Your own users will create a viral chain-reaction for your brand and generate true social buzz for you!

1.You embed a button on your website.
2.User clicks on the button.
3.User chooses a network to post.
4.User gets access to your content.

Supported Social Networks

Pay with a Tweet is the only social payment system where users can pay with all major networks!

Start growing by sharing

Case study for promoting a new album

Don’t give your content away for free. Instead start growing by sharing!

This use case, shows the flow of a viral chain-reaction with Pay with a Tweet. The pricing strategy, where a free single is used to sell an album simultaneously generates reach. Hence you complement your sales strategy with reach and growth.

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Cost-efficient Marketing

Some key marketing figures:

  • Top publishers average 2.5mio social contacts per month by simply offering high-quality products or content for the price of a social media post.
  • Put this into marketing spend and you can quickly save $5000 or more in social media budget!
  • Typically 25% of website visitors use the Pay with a Tweet Payment method to access high-quality content. Try it for your product as well!
  • Visits
  • Budget

Do you know our Premium features?

  • Up to 25 campaigns
  • Detailed statistics
  • Custom button design
  • White-Label support
  • No ads
  • API Support