Check out our 'learn more' page for detailed information about how Pay with a Tweet works.

What can I use Pay with a Tweet for?

You can use Pay with a Tweet for the promotion of a variety of contents such as songs, e-books, whitepapers or coupons.

How do I create a new campaign?

Click'here' or on “New Campaign” at the top left and you will be directed to the create campaign page. Then just simply follow the instructions.

Can I create multiple campaigns?

You can create as many campaigns as you want, however, there are limits on how many campaigns you can have depending on your chosen Pay with a Tweet version. If you want more than 2 campaigns, you can upgrade to premium and create up to 25 campaigns. If you want more than 25 campaigns, just upgrade to business and you can have up to 1000 Pay with a Tweet campaigns.

What does “activate” button mean?

Activating your button means that you have successfully created your campaign and are finished with any changes. Once you activate your campaign, you can no longer make changes to the download URL. Some aspects of your campaign can be edited. To do so click on the 'edit campaign' icon which is located on the right of 'customize design'.

How do I turn off advertisments for my users?

If you do not want advertisements in your payment process, upgrade to a premium or business version.

How much does Pay with a Tweet cost?

The basic version of Pay with a Tweet is free. If you are interested in more features such as statistics or custom design for the buttons, please check out our versions & pricing page.

How do I pay for an upgrade?

In our beta version, we currently only support PayPal, but we are planning to integrate more payment methods in the near future.

What payment methods do you offer?

At the moment, we only offer PayPal.

How can I give away a coupon?

To promote a website or coupon you first need to create a landing page for your campaign. This landing page should only be accessible through the Pay with a Tweet button and not via your website. This is to ensure that only those users can access the coupon or website, who posted through Pay with a Tweet. Once you have created a landing page, create a new campaign with Pay with a Tweet. In the Content URL box you then paste the URL of the landing page, which you created. After that you just have to embed the Pay with a Tweet button into your website and you are all set.

How can I change the design or text of my Pay with a Tweet button?

As a Premium or Business customer you can change the wording on the button by simply clicking on 'My Campaign' and then on 'Customize Design'. Aside from the text of your button you can also edit other aspects of your button. For example the font color or the background color. As a basic customer it is not possible to edit the design of your button.

How do I access statistics?

As a Premium or Business customer you can access your statistics by clicking on "Dashboard" in the upper right hand corner. You will have to be signed in. As a Basic customer you do not have access to statistics.

How often do the statistics get updated?

You should be able to access the statistics for your button latest after 48h.

I cannot see 'views' in my statistics

If you only use the link and do not integrate the button onto your website, you will not see views in your campaign statistics.

I cannot log in correctly

Please make sure the spelling of your e-mail and password is correct. Otherwise please contact as at support@paywithatweet.com.

I forgot my password

Click on forgot password on the sign in page or 'here': and you will receive an e-mail. Please follow the instructions in that e-mail.

Wie vermeide ich die mehrfach Benutzung meines Buttons durch den selben User?

As a business customer you can avoid duplicate access to your content by the same user, using the same provider. Every user who pays through Pay with a Tweet is identified by the combination of provider name and ID. When a user wants to access your conent her or she sends a download request to your server. We attach a coded unique ID and provider name to this qrequest. You can read-out this information and use it as a reference. Every time your system received a download request it can compage the information and determine if a user already accessed the content. An example for what we attach to the download requests is this: "pwat_provider=twitter&pwat_uid=12345678".

What if my country is not listed in the billing information?

If your country is not listed in the billing information then we cannot offer you Pay with a Tweet Professiona.

Why can some of my users not pay via Twitter?

In rare cases users receive this error message when trying to post on twitter: "This request looks like it might be automated. To protect our users from spam and other malicious activity, we can't complete this action right now. Please try again later." In these cases please remove or adjust all "#" and "@" that are part of your suggested post-text.